Monday, 25 March 2013

Giving away 10 sponsorship deals!

Today we're giving away 10 sponsorship deals, to people with good ideas.

If you want a chance of getting a deal simply follow this blog and post a comment, include what you're going to do with the server, why we should sponsor you and include your username or e-mail, so we can contact you.

The server will have unlimited slots and 4GB of ram so your great ideas can become true.


  1. what i would do with the server is i would use it for me and my friends so that we could make some good youtube videos and not have to worry about people we don't know griefing us. and if there were to be griefing it would just be friends griefig friends. you would also be invited to join of course and i would make sure that my friends wouldn't grief you. it would also have to be able to run on the technic launcher so that we could use the technic modpacks like volts, yogbox, tekkit, and others like that. username _THEUNKN0WN_ or theunknown12
    yahoo email:
    youtube account name: or theunknown56789

    (please don't judge me by my ymail email address name) and again i would be forever thankful if you would pick me as one of the people who get a sponsorship. and again it would need to be private but you or you guys would be invited to be on the server.

    1. oh and it would be a pve server as well

  2. Hello! FIrst off, I'd just like to say how awesome it is that you guys do these kinds of giveaways. Anyway, I have been looking for a server recently in order to make a small, vanilla experience for a few people on reddit. Me and 7 others are planning on playing the game the way it was made, only together in a collaborative experience that will hopefully go on for a long time. It is my understanding that we will beat the game (defeat the ender dragon, wither, etc) and play on to the point where we can do enormous builds, to be shared with the community, of course. Upon seeing this giveaway, I had the thought that I could add more room for people to come and go as they please, possibly in a different world to give people a free for all experience, and still be able to have this feeling of community. All in all, my long run goals for this server would be some enormous builds and would be open to all other suggestions as well.
    Thanks again!

  3. I am currently in production of a PVP factions griefing server and would carry that idea to it's fullest potential if you choose me for this server. There would be griefing in the wild and a PVP arena along with multiple mobarenas in order to make money to be successful in PVP.

    I am a dedicated player who will work on this daily. I am willing to allow you to have 75% of donations or more, and ops on this server. I have a team of people who are willing to help me if I procure this server, and I can't wait for you to choose me.

    This would be a public server that i would advertise where ever i could. I will dedicate a large part of every day to advertising for my server. (which could be your server)

    The plugins i would be using would be: Worldedit, Worldguard, Essentials, bpermissions, Factions, and other little ones.


  4. Hey im Kevin and I have had 4 other servers and my goal is to make an 100+ player economy server and we got all the worlds/plugins to make it hope to get a email from you email =

  5. Hi, If I won a server I would host mini-games for friends and when we aren't doing mini games I would make it a survival/creative world so if you were bored you could jump on and just play around on it. When its on survival we would host server events like fighting the ender dragon, fighting multiple withers etc. When it is on the mini games I would have Survival games, The walls and various others. Also I would put adventure maps on there so I could record with friends.

  6. Remember you need to follow the blog to be entered into the contest.

    1. Call me naive, but how do we follow the blog?

    2. On the left of the site you should see a box saying followers, click join.

  7. Hi Joe:

    mcn00b96 here from MinecraftForum. With the server I would host a public Minecraft server with marketplaces where people can buy blocks. It will also be survival. So as long as people buy blocks, they won't run out of them. I really want this server. I can't run a server on current hardware. My Minecraft username: logan4455, email:


  8. I have been experimenting with improved terrain generation quite a bit. Here are the results:

    These landscapes have been made using the plugin Terrain Control. And I'm looking for an opportunity to let people play on this exciting terrain. At the spawn players would choose what landscape they want to start in, with Multiverse Portals. World Guard and/or Factions would then mainly determine the gameplay. The rest of the plugins would be for maintenance etc.

  9. I currently have an MineCraft server, and i want to expand, because my current MineCraft server simply isnt big enough.. But I want to do something more. I plan to start a huge communitie of servers, starting with just one, one main and large one.
    It would start with this one, i dont want to start a chain, but a coalition. I would invite current server owners to join, and future server owners too- 1/3 of all server donations would be put into one paypal, so that when a server in the coalition goes down, we can, effectively, revive it, and keep it running off of donations. I already have few people in on this idea, and i hope to get more.
    If you want to know more, you can email me:
    Or skype me: saul.aaron2000
    Thanks- Saul.

    1. By the way, my MineCraft Forums username is ShadeBlade2028.

    2. Two examples are the c1a1 (currently down) And ShadesMC

    3. Also, one more thing. We aim to call it ProjectCraft- The home of big ideas.

  10. hi,

    i'd use this to expand my actual server, but with some game modes that would be unique, i'm working togheter with some friends on having a "life" plugins where you would be born and be pushed trough stages of life, you'd become a child and teenager. with the needed experience you could finally be an adult but after a while you'd become an elder.
    at the very least death would take you and you'd be born once again.
    (death means being reborn anyway at any stage of the process.)

    I would really like to run a server like this, my current one is and I would expand on that one or make a new one if this is preferable.

    I've also some experience on servermaking/hosting so I can manage a server without worries of asking tons of questions.

    I hope i get selected, and keep it up guys! this is awesome!


  11. I believe I would be a great owner and administrator for a sponsored for a Minecraft Server because I would form a very large community, be constantly involved with them, and unite the best skillfully chosen server plugins for a seamless Multi-World experience (If it's Bukkit powered). I was thinking there could be five worlds: Survival, Survival-Nether, Survival-End, Creative, and Plots (powered by PlotMe). I would also have the Stats plugin so people could see their stats at any time (fun right). I would not have a donation feature because I do not seek to squeeze money out of people, but, I would have a set of earnable ranks instead. There would be Trusted, Builder, and VIP (for extremely important people such as Mojang workers (Yes I've had one join my server) and popular YouTubers. I can set everything up as myself as I have a lot of experience with servers (I was a server owner since the beta) but didn't have enough RAM or fast enough internet to run a large one. I have the ranks file already coded to run with Essentials Group-Manager (yes it took a while), and the plugins needed to maintain an unmatchable experience for players as well as handpicked staff. Thank you for your consideration.

    P.S. There are two deleted posts before this one because I did not proofread and I'm simply correcting typos.

    Jonathan Aylstock

    Minecraft Forum Username: ArcticSpyder
    Phone: 850-382-7055

  12. The name of the server is gonna be all4pvp
    I have already had 2 servers so i have experiences with it.

    About the server:
    Like name its a pvp server but with many different games like:
    -Team Deathmatch
    - Deathmatch
    - Capture the Flag
    - Last Man Standing
    - kit pvp
    E maybe some other minigames.

    What you get:
    - A banner on the whole website(its in construction)
    - An automatic message in-game
    - place on mine youtube channel. Its a begginning youtube channel so it is really small.(Only if you want it).
    - everyone who ask me about a hoster i will say to go to you.
    - I can help you if someone of needs help with bukkit because i already had about 3 servers so i know many about plugins.
    - if you want something more just say it and i will think about it.

    More information needed?I will respond if you need something more or have questions.
    skype: robincouwenberg account name:RobinHood_3

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hello, I'm HuntedHD im a YouTuber who gets an average of 30+ views with 35 subscribers, im a growing YouTube, anyways, i would like to be sponsored by you guys. I would also love to win that 4GB server, for what reason you ask? take a look:

    It would be named HoneyCombPvP
    It would be a survival server consisting with some games that could be added into it.
    - Parkour
    - Mob Arena
    - Private Creative World
    - And drop parties (Everyone loves parties!!)

    If you do happen to sponsor me, i will give your website a shout-out on my YouTube channel, your website would be broadcasted on the server, and on every video i would advertise your website.

    Contact me?
    Skype: Killingmenjaro
    Minecraft Forums: Creeper_Bomb12
    Thanks for reading!

  15. Your age:18
    Name of proposed server:KuzaGames
    How much RAM you want:2Gb-3Gb
    How many player slots:30-60
    Describe your server idea:The main idea that i have in mind is to create as many servers as possible. We will be slowly adding servers to our chain. We had a tekkit server running on 8Gb of ram and had an average of 110 players online at all times. We were making about 1000 dollars of donations a month. You may be asking why are we looking for a sponsorship? Well i lost a lot of money do to personal problems. I know what i am doing so we will be able to buy hosting from you within 2 months.
    Why you want this server: I want to start my community back up again. i have had over 100 players messaging me on Skype everyday saying to start it back up.
    On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want the server?: 9, im not one to take things from others so i promise you that who ever host me the server will get there money back.
    Proposed Plugins: We will have lots of plugins that i dont think you need to have mentioned here the main plugin is factions.
    We will be adding some others.
    Do you already have a community? If so, how many active players? If not, how will you be getting players?: We have a fairly large community we have almost 700 registered users.
    What makes your server special? Why should I join your server instead of that other server?: We offer great support with any problems people are having. We also will have custom plugins soon.
    Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server?: Like i said before personal problems have come up.
    What is your preferred method of contact? Skype?: Skype trevormagic
    What you will do for the company in return: We can make a sponsor ship ad on the server every 10 mins. We can also have a link to you on our website. I will pay you back fully when my server is established.

  16. Hi there! Thank you for organizing this!
    Well, what I want to do if I had this server would be to first transfer my current non-24/7 server onto this and then expand from there onwards. I plan to make the server public and try to make it as successful as the one I had a year ago. There will be multiworld installed, so players have the freedom to play in the creative world if they want to build something without taking too much time gathering resources themselves, or for the more adventurous ones, they can pick the survival world and basically just survive. I have other ideas that I want to execute but for now, that's all. My previous server was rather successful and had at least 50 people on it on average, due to the staff members that helped me. I love redstone and architecture and I believe that these two should be hand-in-hand. What is more beautiful than an amazing build filled with complex redstone to make it come to life? I hope to make that happen once more and build a community where people who have similars interests such as mine can come together and just have fun! Of course, if the donations start rolling in, you can rest assured that most, if not all will go to you.(It's not just empty words.)With regards to why you should sponsor me.. with a sponsored server in my arsenal, I believe I can make the above
    happen again!

    My minecraftforum username is : ijsung.
    Thank you for considering my application! Have a nice day!

  17. Hello,
    The reason you should sponsor me is I have great ideas for this server and ways to make yourself money. We would negotiate a percentage of donations to go to you. My server would be called 'BlueCrafting' due to the use of towny and other more survival type aspects. It would also have many minigames for the players to relax a bit more, and just enjoy Minecraft. I used to own a home server but that didn't work out due to me also owning a YouTube account. I also have other ideas for the server, but that will come in time. With it being 24/7 I can set up an admin team to help me along the way and make sure the server stays up and makes you money. The home server was successful, but just didn't work when I started working from home at all. You will also get admin rights and numerous thanks messages all over the server

    Email is:
    Forum Name: TekkitPros

    I hope to be working alongside you soon and make some money :)

    Have a great day,

    1. Forgot to add this above, the old home server was full to the brim with it's 64 slots, and over 600 registered players on the server.

    2. The percentage amount would start at 50/50, and then negotiate from there

  18. To my above post I would like to add that I already have people from my YouTube channel waiting for a server, so the player base would be strong from Day 1.

  19. It would also have 32 slots to start with, with power to add more obviously. And I would have a VIP area for donators only, to make people want to donate to the server, means more money :)

  20. Hey,

    I would love for this company to sponsor my server.
    I would like to know if you offer sponsors.

    Please Accept this. This server has taken ages to maintain and make =D
    So have a look at it. Its worth it. I am also gonna get alot of youtube subscribers as Im gonna make plugin tutorials and server ratings.. =D

    Name of your server: HyruleTriforce
    Name: Tarik
    Your age: 14
    How much RAM do you want? Do you want a dedicated machine?: I need enough ram for my plugins. We can start from 2GB and if we need more..
    How many player slots?: 15+
    How long has this server been up?: Its Been In Repair for 5 months. Then Hosted For 2 weeks.
    Does your server have a website/topic? Please put links here: Websites -
    How many dedicated players does your server have? Do you have proof?: I Have A Lot Of Dedicated People To My Server. I Have People Willing To Donate. I Also Have A GOOD STAFF.
    Donators: The Ranks that can be donated to are: Gerudo's, Royal Guard and Sheikahs. We also have Preimers like a Staff position which is usually costly.
    What makes your server special? Why should I join your server instead of that other server?: Our Server Has Been Through ALOT! Our Server Has A Hyrule Theme To It. From Zelda Ocarina of Time. We Also Appreciate All Members And Offer Them Help. And More USEFUL Plugins. I Am Good With Websites and Technology. xD
    Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server?: My Parents Dont Allow The Payment Of Games. They Dont Like It. Even Though I Mentioned I Will Pay They Dont Like The Idea and I dont have my own creditcard.
    Server Information: This server is very different. It has different ranks and stuff. It would be 1 in a million servers.. =D Look at our ranks at
    Does your server get donations? If so, why not buy a server with the donations?: I Havent Toggled That Up Yet As Soon As I Find A Host So They Can Use It And Dedicate Some For The Server And Make A Little Profit. I Cant Buy As I Said Above Family Matters.
    Why did you leave your previous host?:My Previous Was A PLAIN JERK. He Took My Stuff and left me and he didnt return files back so I Had To Start A Bit Later.
    What will you do in return for the company that is hosting you?: I will give them THE CONSOLE and I will give them OP. If They Give 20% to The Server. Like As in Website Or 24/7 they can keep the rest. The 95%% is Towards The HOST

    Please If you can do anything for me =D

    Contact me:
    Skype: tarikchux

  21. Hello,
    My name is Edwin Moo, im currently looking for sponsorships, i have a big dream to own a good PvP Server,lets start off why a PvP server? well my passion is PvP, i love how you can pvp in a game, apart from it being fun, its also challenging,and fun for all ages!. i would really like to own one of the best PvP server, i got some friends that can code, and maybe they will make a custom plugin for the server. i would really appreciate if i got one of the server, ive owned 2 server, they were a success but sadly, they got shut down because i ran out of money to pay for them, maybe one day ill start paying for your service,

    Thank you,
    Edwin Moo

    Email: or
    Skype: iPoisonHD

    i have a minecraftforums account, but i dont really get on it. best way to contact me is trough Gmail.

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