Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Important Update on Dedicated Server Giveaway


The dedicated server giveaway has gone extremely well, there have been loads of good ideas and I can see that the server will go to good use, not matter who I give it to.

However, since there have been so many great entries, I have needed to change the way the competition works.

Now the way you win is to comment on this post, only include your e-mail (so I can speak to you if you win), then get as many people as possible to comment on your comment.

The person with the most comments will win, you will still need a good idea though and I will confirming that your have a good idea by e-mail.

The contest will end on the 4th of May.

Good Luck!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Dedicated Server Giveaway!


Today we're giving away a dedicated server, with 32GB of ram, a 8-Core processor and a 1TB hard drive, that can host any game you want it to!

To win all you need to do is, go to this link and post a comment on the page it takes you to.
In the comment include:
Why you want the server.
Your e-mail, so I can contact you if you win.
Proof that you have shared this give away with someone else (Such as a link to your tweet about the give-away, a link to a forum post you made about this give away), you must include this link ( in your post.

Good luck!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Update on giveaway!

Hello again,

So far this contest has been a huge success, the ideas we've had have been very interesting, some of which look like they can create very viable servers, because of this extremely positive result, we're looking to do another contest soon, i'll explain more in the next few weeks.

We will choose the winners by the end of this week, but remember, to be eligible to win you need to follow this blog and comment on the other post.

Also if your friends are going to join the server, get them to follow this blog as well, this will show us that you have a player base.

Keep checking back, as there's more to come!

Edit: This giveaway has ended.

Giving away 10 sponsorship deals!

Today we're giving away 10 sponsorship deals, to people with good ideas.

If you want a chance of getting a deal simply follow this blog and post a comment, include what you're going to do with the server, why we should sponsor you and include your username or e-mail, so we can contact you.

The server will have unlimited slots and 4GB of ram so your great ideas can become true.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Giving away a 2GB server with 20 player slots


We've decided to give away a 2GB server with 20 player slots.

If you want to win this post a comment, including what you're going to do with the server, why we should sponsor you and include your username or e-mail, so we can contact you.